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NameBrain name development company. Wondering how to name a business? We create distinctive & memorable names for businesses, brands, products & services.

Naming Agency

We’ll help you arrive at a name that…

  • Resonates with your target market
  • Is easily pronounced
  • Is easy to spell
  • Is memorable
  • Is available as a domain name

Get the foundations right

In business, everything you do either adds to, or detracts from, your brand. Getting your business name, brand name, product or service name right has huge benefits. There is real power in the right name.

It’s the best investment I’ve ever made to bring in a professional name development company to get the name and branding right. I went into a café with my Dirty Business shirt on and the guy behind the counter said “I LOVE that brand! When I drive down Rosebank Rd every day and see it, it always brings a smile to my face. My wife’s in marketing and she absolutely loves it too.”

So often when I’m promoting my wares, a big smile breaks across their face. They smirk, smile, chortle – you name it, they do it. It really breaks the ice and makes my job easier.

– Dave Wyness, Dirty Business Launderers Ltd

“No clever arrangement of bad eggs will make a good omelet.” – C.S. Lewis

Aim for marketing success by optimising your fundamentals (good eggs). Whether you’re a start-up business or your current branding no longer fits, our name development company branding services will set you up with a strong foundation and the right positioning. From there you can confidently roll out your marketing strategy knowing your branding is working hard for you.

When to DIY vs using a naming agency

If it doesn’t matter, DIY is fine. But when it does matter, we recommend a professional name development company. A DIY name that doesn’t resonate with your market makes achieving success akin to wading through knee-deep molasses. We’ve seen plenty of naming mistakes where the rules (and there are quite a few) have unwittingly been broken. The business owners invariably think they’ve come up with a real winner and wonder why success is so hard to achieve.

Give yourself the best chance of success with a great name

If you’re working through any of these issues…

  • How to name a business
  • How to name a brand
  • How to name a product
  • How to name a service
  • How to get the best domain name
  • How to develop a business tagline
  • How to design a distinctive logo

Get in touch with NameBrain name development company for a no-obligation chat on +64 9 3600-120

Check out some examples of our work…

Party Mad
The party superstore
(We developed name, tagline & logo)

Comply Guy
Keeping you compliant
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Give your IT career a kick start
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Making the invisible visible
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Dirty Business
We love to launder!
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Keeping you financially wise
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Crackerjack Kids
Bright ideas to ignite young minds!
(We developed name, tagline & logo)

When no-one knows how to find you, we do!
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Now you’re in control of internet advertising
(We developed name, functional descriptor, tagline & logo)

Cabinetmaking to create your space within
(We developed name, tagline & logo)